Online Intermediate Sushi Class Video

Online Intermediate Sushi Class Video

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If you've taken our beginner class, you've got the basics down. Take our online intermediate sushi class & kick it up to the next level!

We're covering a lot of new ground, plus we're throwing in our shopping list from Amazon!  You can get almost everything you need delivered right to your door, watch the class and make sushi without ever leaving the house.

Here's what we're learning in the intermediate class video:

  • breaking down an entire tuna loin (best value) into ground tuna and saku blocks
  • spicy tuna from scratch
  • spicy tuna nachos that will blow your mind 
  • topped sushi rolls
  • soy-wrapped sushi rolls
  • hoso maki (thin sushi rolls)
  • nigiri
  • sashimi
  • ahi poke bowls
  • volcano rolls
All of this for $35!  Once you buy, we'll shoot you an email with your shopping lists and a link to our video.  Get your whole crew in the kitchen and start making sushi for dinner while you're locked down. 

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